Standard colours and the fascinating and absolutely exclusive NEW LIFE’s aniline palette.



NEW LIFE’s seaters collection can be upholstered with a wide materials range divided in two categories ( cat. A and cat. B) or with C.O.M fabrics.

NEW LIFE’s fabric palette of the cat. B has been selected in order to facilitate the combination with NEW LIFE’ aniline colour range and standard colours.

NATURAL LINO and COTTON GREEN fabric collections ( included in NEW LIFE cat.B)  are specific for products  marked with the logo: Logo cotton green 100%.

The Pdf file of the technical sheet of each fabric of NEW LIFE’s set of sample  can be downloaded on the corresponding page to the chosen covering materials. Check the technical details before proceeding with the order.

In the case of Customer own material (C.O.M.), the customer must ensure that the material (fabric ) chosen corresponds to the characteristics required for the intended use.

In any case, NEW LIFE is not liable for any defects resulting from the use of the fabric provided by the customer. The high quality of the fabric does not guarantee the suitability for the final use of the coating itself.