“Colors, like lineaments, follow the emotion changes” P. Picasso

The world is in colors, where there’s light there’s color. Shape perception, depth and chiaroscuro (dark and light), are strictly connected to color perception. Nature remains the greatest master of colors’ use: the rainbow represents all solar spectrum’s colors. Greeks have personified this spectacular bright phenomenon with Iris, Gods’ messenger, descended among men by fluttering her wings.



Colors are an important element in our house furnishing and decoration; they create different atmospheres according to shades and combinations of furniture and on the walls. First of all, we should distinguish colors in three large categories: hot, cold and neutral. The hot dyes include yellows, reds, oranges and all colors with this hue as a dominant note; cold colors, on the contrary, include greens and blues. Finally, neutral tonalities are represented by white, black, greys and all other neutral shades, such as taupe or ivory. Observing, for a few minutes, hot tones provokes a rise in blood pressure and heart bit, making us more reactive and energetic; cold ones, on the contrary, are soothing and relaxing.

To be continued …