Hot tones provoke a rise in blood pressure and heart bit, making us more reactive and energetic; cold ones, on the contrary, are soothing and relaxing: because of this, when choosing colors to be utilized in a room , we have to consider the effects that they can have on our emotionality.

It’s suggested therefore to avoid filling environments with too many color tones, as in the long run, they would grow boring or produce a chaotic effect; it’s advisable instead, to utilize two or three, combining them in a balanced way.

Yellow and light orange, warm up the environment, stimulate energy in our body and predispose to optimism and communication. Yellow is optimal for dining rooms as it facilitate digestion; but also for studies as it favors concentration.

Red, is the color of passion; needs to be used with caution as it stimulates our body, favors appetite and therefore is perfect for kitchens. If utilized on walls, let’s paint one or two alternating them with white ones in order not to overfill the environment.

Warm colors tend to make environments more intimate and visually render spaces smaller. In general, light tones tend to enlarge room spaces, while the dark ones, produce the opposite effect…