New Life at dOT Design Outdoor Taste –

Design Week Milano 2023

For the third consecutive year, in the fascinating and historical setting of the Chiostro Maggiore of the Church of San Marco in Brera,

in a silent and reserved place, we have chosen to narrate our creative concept about sustainability and “savoir-faire“.

A series of tales where each one is a representation, half way between a “room” covered in virtuous fabrics and an iconic “travel trunk”, the keeper of precious objects.

The path begins by “entering” the room of LALA, a metal chair designed by Marco Zito.

Stackable, hilarious, versatile, welcoming, light and transversal.

The covering fabric, certified Greenguard Gold and Ecolabel, comes from the sophisticated combination of four coloured yarns, created by colour-master Giulio Ridolfo, among the most reputable textile and hue designers worldwide. In Friuli he draws inspiration for his palette of hues.

Mountains as clear as glass, humid branches, the gloomy green of grass, blurred skies, are some of his sources of inspiration, which put together the intertwining of threads, bringing forth a strong tridimensional structure and a very natural aspect, as the pigments come from nature.


The Nap Pod item of seating, designed by the Alan de la Coba team. Completely enveloping, it welcomes and isolates from the outer world. It is dedicated to people’s well-being. Its cradle-like shape promotes total relaxation, amplified by the sense of isolation created with padding and the use of sound-absorbing coverings. The locally produced dark, solid beech wood base, recalls the shape of a “strong”, supporting hand.

In the same collection we find CARA_ECO LUNA,
the coffee table whose top has been made with an innovative system,
by reusing upholstery processing waste.

In a circular economy perspective, we reduce textile waste in production,
giving it a new life and putting it back into the production cycle.


A dining chair, with or without armrests, designed by the Alan De La Coba team.
Made of solid wood, certified FSC®, and with a double-face cushion for greater hue versatility.
Its essential design, yet of soft shapes, generates a piece of seating than may be easily broken up,
to recycle its various components more easily at product life end.

The cushion, covered in a fabric made by Giulio Ridolfo, is certified Greenguard Gold, EU Ecolabel, HPD and EPD.
The upholstery, recycled together with its covering, is certified Certipur®.


Folding chair for outdoors, designed by the Alan de la Coba team.
It is made with recycled sails. Sailing fabrics are made of synthetic fibres, whose disposal is expensive and difficult.
Through these seats we want to give new life to sails
that have completed their long round-the-world voyage,
but retain their exceptional qualities of strength and durability.

The print image depicts a seabed
created by artificial intelligence and then manipulated to look absolutely unique.