together in a project to give new life to the historical inn that has welcomed its customers under its thatched roof, for 200 years.

Image Copyright: Kitzig Design Studios / Christian Laukemper

Like almost no other Sylt monument, the Alte Gasthof embodies the breath of the past and its charm is striking. Time seems to have stopped in the Old Inn and it is not even necessary to close your eyes to feel you have arrived in a place where history is still present and alive.

The imposing building, today as for almost 200 years, continues the long tradition of hospitality, offering a place of rest and tranquility, together with interesting culinary experiences.

One of the key success factors of a restaurant or hotel is the interior design and in this case the Kitzig Interior Design studio has brought the "Alte Gasthof" back to a new splendor.

An exclusive and authentic design concept emphasizes the historical appeal of the seventeenth-century building, where the thatched-roof building has been sumptuously refurbished. The exterior appearance has been completely preserved and also the historical elements of the interior, such as the ornamental beams, the coffered ceiling in the main guest bedroom and the tiled room in the Frisian style. These precious examples of traditional local craftsmanship create a subtle spatial tension combined with modern and elegant interiors.

For the new life of this first-rate restaurant, the result is a harmonious design, rich in refined details that convey and enhance the typical atmosphere of Sylt, the Frisian island that hosts this important historical monument, perfectly integrated in the history of the archipelago, a safeguarded and protected environmental paradise, located in the North Sea.

NEW LIFE CONTRACT is proud to have contributed to the realization and success of this project with its armchairs Barbara and Evelyne and the stools Evelyne and Nancy.