New Life furnishes the Heritage Fermai Hotel

The Heritage Fermai Hotel is a haven of peace in the heart of Split, a city of magical beauty which has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1979.   

The Hotel is situated in a centuries-old building featuring a stunning Art Nouveau style, whose construction was completed by Architect Petar Senjanović during the First World War. 

The building was recently renovated and turned into a boutique hotel, whose 31 rooms, 4 suites, bar and restaurant were furnished with New Life seats.

The chairs were made upon drawing from solid wood and rattan, while the Isotta bergeres were tailored to the project requirements; the poufs feature in the AND Collection.    

The outcome of this concept clearly highlights the full potential of our company, essentially aimed at simplifying our Designers’ work.

As a matter of fact, in addition to the wide range of our Collections, we offer tailored services including the design of seats upon drawing and the remodelling of our products based on your brief requirements.