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An Italian story The beginnings and the territory.

The scent of wood has always been with us. It is a sweet and intoxicating aroma.
When we were children returning from elementary school, it was natural to spend the afternoon in my father’s carpentry shop. It was my strongest desire to grow up and be able to help him with small jobs.
Collecting the processing shavings and creating with them fantastic armchairs made of children’s dreams gave life to a different game every day, where there was also room for cakes created from saw dust.
Thus began my dream; that of a boy born in Dolegnano, a small town in the north east of Italy, in the heart of the Gorizia Collio, not far from Venice and close to the border with a country which at the time was called Yugoslavia.
It was the 1980s; the golden years for the “Chair Triangle” or that strip of land suited to the birth of many chair manufacturers.
We were simple kids who liked playing football and having fun. The wandering scholar jokes were a way to enter life in a joyful way and with that bold exuberance typical of youth.
Before telling you about my passions, I would like to open a window dedicated to the history and local context of the Friuli region; a borderland, invasions and migration channel, a melting pot of different cultures and traditions, which over time have created a strong and solid identity.
The history of the Chair District is closely linked to the industrial development of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Towards the end of the 18th century, a nucleus of carpenters’ workshops had already developed and emigrated to the lower Friuli region, specializing in the production of stuffed chairs.
Over the years, basically during the historical period of the rulers, the uses of wood changed, but the areas of the municipalities of Manzano, San Giovanni al Natisone, and Corno di Rosazzo were confirmed as the new nucleus for carpenters: the famous “Chair Triangle”.
There was work for both men and women. The carpenter worked on the construction of the frame of the chairs, while the women dedicated themselves to the straw of the seat.
At the turn of both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the shops dedicated to the manufacturing of chairs were linked together by strong family ties. This resulted in the companies present in the Chair Triangle to multiply, and transformed the municipalities from rural to proto-industrial.
At the end of the nineties in this small part of Italy, in the town of Manzano and its surroundings, 30% of all of the chairs in the world were manufactured.
Thus, in over 150 years, an extraordinary experience of “how to make them” has grown, so much so that they still represent even today the quality of Made in Italy.
The so-called “economic miracle” that existed in those years led to unprecedented growth and the Chair District was enriched by exceeding all productivity predictions.
Unfortunately, a slow but inexorable crisis, which culminated in 2008, a truly black year, put many companies from various sectors to the brink of closing.
Many of the Mom and Pop shops needed a new lymph to ensure that all of the great experience acquired over the years could give life to new development.

Our company

In 2009, the dream that had been cultivating since childhood, thanks in great part to the meeting with two other enterprising young people, Ondina and Alessio Battisacco, became a reality, and with a certain amount of audacity, New Life, our current company, was born.
The secret to moving forward is to start, and New Life is a meeting of passions, love and friendship.
It is our best chance to express what we like to do.
For over 12 years, each with its own specialization and personality, we have been involved in creating new projects throughout the world, of seating and furnishing accessories for the catering, hospitality and naval sectors.
Ondina, in addition to managing the finances and all of the administrative tasks of the company, is also my life partner. Alessio is the friend with whom to share ideas for new sessions, to transform drawings, sketches and projects into actual jobs.
Finding your space in the market can be tough.
Throughout all of these extremely demanding years, we continue to analyze trends, identify and put forward a personal company style that represents us.
With courage and determination we interpret the needs of the market, meeting the sectors of catering and hospitality, which coincide with some of our most heartfelt passions, which is sharing the genuine pleasure of dining and being together.
There is a close relationship between food and emotions. The “let’s grab a bite together” is a spontaneous phrase, which shows those closest to us the pleasure of being together.
It is precisely these emotions and the search for this pleasure that are at the root in creating each new collection of New Life chairs,
Imagine the relaxation and comfort that integrate the joy of sharing emotions experienced while tasting good food and good wine, comfortable around a table. It flatters us because it adds well-being to all involved. We like to try to make them feel at home, like one of the family.
As we define our collections or “product families”, family is also synonymous with what our company represents for us.
Without the commitment of the families of our parents who have worked hard to run their businesses, there would be no New Life, just as we could not exist without the commitment and work of our current “family” created by the people who work with us.
Family is a concept that unites, gives us strength and pushes us to always take new paths.
This, together with the fusion of the artisan know-how gained over the years with the industrial and technological production processes, giving attention to the customer and the company’s flexibility, offer us the opportunity to export our products throughout Europe, America, Australia, Russia and the Arab countries.

The collections and the “Made to Measure”

All collections are created by the Alan de la Coba team, made up of four designers and assisted by Alessio Battisacco, partner and Director of Design.
The collections which come to life from the collaboration and creative force of the group, have been divided into 6 categories according to their characteristics, Contemporary, Timeless, Multi-legs, Terrace Seating, And system, and finally our Table system.
Contemporary gathers the more contemporary style seats. Timeless ranges in the more classic style of seating.
Multi-legs offers various wooden or metal bases, fixed or swiveling for a series of upholstered shells. Terrace Seating explores seating for coverage outdoors, And is a very versatile system of modular seating and Table System offers the opportunity to create a very large series of tables, combining solid wood tops of 3 shapes with different types of bases.
Providing maximum flexibility and freedom of furniture are preponderant aspects in the creative phase that leads us to the creation of new products.
In addition to our collections, we offer a tailor-made service, providing both the ability to adapt our products to the particular needs of each project, and to develop completely new concepts together with the customer.

Certifications, sustainability and attention to environmental impact.

At NEW LIFE we love to pursue a business model that is the result of a respectful and honest path, which contributes to building value while respecting the work of collaborators, partners, suppliers and which has as its goal the total quality that puts the customer at the center.
Precisely for this reason, since 2013, we have been ISO 9001 certified.
The primary purpose of this certification is the pursuit of customer satisfaction with regard to the products and services provided, as well as the continuous improvement of company performance.
Another certification we care a lot about in order to give certainty of the quality and durability of our seats, is that provided by Catas, the largest Italian institute for research and tests in the wood-furniture sector, as well as for the homologation relating to fire resistance tests.
For two years now, New Life has been paying even more attention to the sustainability and environmental impact of its activities.
We are FSC certified and use FSC certified wood, Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex, Leed, Greenguard certified fabrics and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 certified leathers, Gold Rated in LWG and Blue Angel certification.
Furthermore, with the aim towards sustainable reusability and for a lower carbon footprint impact, we reuse the wood waste from our processes to heat the work environment, using the energy of a biomass boiler.

Valrosa country resort

In order to always put customer focus at the center of our objectives, from the beginning of 2020, despite the adversity caused by the pandemic, we have given life to another dream: to renovate an ancient village and give birth to the Valrosa country resort.
A hidden gem, just a few kilometers from the parent company, in Vencò, in the heart of the Collio area of Gorizia.
It is a little showroom and a small peaceful place to welcome guests and customers.
Immersed in the green hills, full of Schipettino and Pignolo vineyards, a stone’s throw from the river and the border of Slovenia, VALROSA is rich in silence, aromas and flavors, it is the expression of how we are, genuine and simple.

Our roots and the future

We have deep roots which helps us to look to the future with enthusiasm, knowing full well that the path requires ever greater attention to customers, great creativity in the proposal of products, quick responses to market requests and even more: respect for the planet.
And then there are our dreams from when we were children.
A phrase by Eleanor Roosevelt has always accompanied us: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.