“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt

New Life is an Italian company that develops and produces high range furnishing, distributing it throughout the world for the contract, luxury-residential and shipping markets.

The secret to going ahead is starting…so New Life was set up in 2009 as the merger of two handicraft companies, active since 1970, to achieve the dream of three enterprising youths: Ondina and Alessio Battisacco, and Andrea Costantini

Each of them with their own specialty and personality, brought together by the wish to put themselves to test, in order to bring forth a new project in the world of wooden seating and furnishing complements: changing designs, sketches and plans into works.

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With bravery and determination, the company interprets market requirements by manufacturing products 100% made in Italy, from raw materials to finishes.

From the idea to the implementation, everything is taken care of to the slightest detail, as we seek total quality.

The high standard of every product is guaranteed by the purchase of precious timber, quality checks in the various processing stages, and a finishing process which oversees every single detail.

Accuracy, flexibility, seriousness and reliability are the fundamental cornerstones of New Life working method.

NEW LIFE’S collections: their variety includes systems of seating, upholstered, tables, complements and accessories generated by the blend of artisanal know-how, maturated over the years, with industrial and technological production processes.

Our areas of expertise: hotels and hospitality, commercial and business spaces, public buildings and naval sector.

For a few years now, we have begun a sustainable route, which brought us in 2022 to our first corporate Sustainability Report.

That Report focuses on vision, strategies, commitments and results achieved with regard to major items, such as governance, people, the environment and our relationship with the territory, allowing us also to detect areas for possible, further improvement. We are aware that it is a starting-out point and that our company’s challenges pass through the culture of people, to face decision-making in transparency, earnestness and responsibility.

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“I believe in team work and I am convinced that the creative force driving the team is key when designing collections based on quality, originality and market analysis”

Alessio Battisacco, Design Director

New Life’s three souls

We like to create
A greater part of our collections is concocted by Alan de la Coba’s team, four in-house designers, assisted by Design Director Alessio Battisacco.

We love challenges
Thanks to collaboration with international designers, we plan, engineer and manufacture high level & quality seating and tables, custom-made for the contract market’s furnishing.

New Life’s three souls

Exploring new projectualities and sharing experiences is in our DNA.
From collaborations with designers outside the company, when a particular feeling is generated, our collections come to life, merging together a common vision, creative talent and “savoir-faire”. That is how our “Architect” collections materialize.


Coming to the close, we are impassioned with what we do and have fun in doing it earnestly.
We are strongly committed to personal growth and support one another in view of continual improvement.
We seek ever growing awareness, which may, with responsibility, respect and integrity in view, lead us to success, shared with our collaborators and customers.
We believe in the worth of an encounter, of confrontation, of teamwork lived through human and professional experiences that are positive and transparent.

We are New Life!

It is nice you have read right up to the end of this page!
That means you are not just interested in our products, but even in everything that is inside them.