For New Life, each project means creativeness and passion, and puts together one’s own wealth of competencies
with those of her external collaborators, in a continual quest for evolution.

Collaborating with architects and interior designers starts from projects pursued together and,
when “the way of feeling” is similar, generates tighter, more proficient cooperation.

Ideas, plans, shapes and colours become the founding elements of a path to undertake together,
in order to develop concepts, whose reading speaks of a common future.

Marco Zito

Marco Zito

For New Life he designed the Èlia | Elio and Lala collections.

His Venice-based studio specialises in product design, interior design and architecture.

Roberta Tosolini

She has been Creative Director at New Life since 2015.

The Studio Roberta Tosolini has a thirty-year-long story in developing projects in the field of interiors and product & graphic design, besides being in charge of art direction for brands, cultural events and exhibition plans.