For New Life, each project signifies creativity and passion and sharing one’s own wealth of creative talent
and know-how with those of external partners in a continual quest for evolution.

Collaboration with architects and interior designers starts thanks to projects pursued together and,
when this creates that special feeling, generates a closer, more rewarding cooperation.

Ideas, projects, forms and colours become the founding elements of a shared path forward
in developing concepts, that are the basis of a common future.

Marco Zito

Marco Zito

The designer of the Èlia Elio collection For New Life.

His Venice-based studio specialises in interior design and architecture.

Roberta Tosolini

the Creative Director at New Life since 2015.

The Roberta Tosolini Studio has a thirty-year-long history of developing projects in the field of interiors and product & graphic design, as well as being responsible for the art direction for brands, cultural events and exhibition stands.