The factory

Dettaglio del silos della fabbrica su cielo grigio

A travel into our “know-how”

The challenge is to succeed in making chairs, armchairs, sofas and tables
springing from the perfect blend of handicraft and technology.

worker checks chair finishing Èlia

New Life’s products are 100% Made in Italy.

All production processes take place inside our factory, except for painting.
Care and consideration for products that are 100% made in Italy.

Creativeness and exclusive types of processing.

The production process avails itself of expert artisans’ manual skills and of latest generation machineries.

Female worker works to upholster a chair
5 axis pantograph


From the first idea up to assembling, all the line is looked after, down to the slightest detail.

Behind the machines there are people.

Competencies, capacity and experience, help us work with precision, flexibility, earnestness and trustworthiness.

employee checks the structure of a chair in assembly
Dipendente posiziona i cartamodelli sul tessuto

A tailor’s precision

An entire department at our company is devoted to upholstery.
Expert hands, with extreme craftmanship, cut, sew, fasten webbing and padding.

worker performs final quality control

Final quality control

At the end of each production, an accurate check of the single artefact, verifies and guarantees that the article corresponds to the corporate standard and to the customer’s request.

Green soul: Processing wood means working through nature.

Materials and production processes always keep into due account respect for the environment, since sustainability is also synonymous with responsible use of the resources that our Planet puts at one’s disposal.

Our renewed corporate guidelines bring forth designed products pursuing a circular type of economy, in a perspective of recycling, upcycling and wellbeing, and with the vision of a more respectful future of the environment and of people.

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