A few years ago we started slowly but surely on a sustainable path, which was more of a sentiment that we had inside, but that led us, with bigger and bigger steps, in a world where this issue is of crucial importance for our generation and future ones.

First of all we have accepted our responsibilities; that we are all part of the problem, but this does not mean that we cannot do anything. On the contrary, we most certainly can.

So why don't we start planning a sustainable path with the declared intention of following the principles of the 3P (People, Planet, Profit, or better, Prosperity) with a view towards Strategic Corporate Sustainability: CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on the sustainable development of the company through modes of relationships and markets which strengthen the competitiveness, combining the production of economic value with social responsibility and environmental protection.

A CSR approach induces us to assume a responsible behavior that, working in a synergistic and integrated way with the business concept, represents an added value and the necessary conditions to continue in a respectful development.