The collection, based on a clear and profound sense of measure and naturalness, is an apparently simple synthesis path that leads to an expressive essentiality with a strong identity and a perceived functionality.
Solid FSC® ash, partly from local forests, Certipur® certified padding and upholstery fabrics chosen from the most sustainable, recycled or natural fibres.

The proposal ranges from 100% recycled cotton to 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabrics from used plastic bottles.

And finally Quest, a fabric originating from the SEAQUAL® initiative, designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste-free environment.
It is created entirely from recycled polymeric fibres, precisely 75% from SEAQUAL®, a yarn obtained from plastic waste collected from our seas, and  25% from bottles destined to landfills.  It is also coloured with non metallic dyestuffs.
One small drop in the mission to clean both the Earth and its oceans

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